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Sklep Rowerowy SZUMGUM - części i akcesoria rowerowe :: Sklepy Rowerowe
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About us

Ja i Luiza
Ja i Luiza
I can imagine my life without many things but I cannot imagine it without traveling. I like all type of traveling starting from business trips, holiday expedition to family escapades.
In my life I’ve visited many different places, when I was young I’ve hitchhiked in Europe, I lived almost one year in Singapore or I’ve hiked in Jordan or Chile. But still I’ve seen only very small part of the world what I wanted to see..
On our web pages you can see selected pictures from our trips. I hope you enjoy my picture and you leave message in our Guestbook.

Because we are open minded people we are open to your mails with remarks regarding to our web page, my photos and other things. We also open to all kind of proposition regarding cooperation. More information could be found at page Our offer.
It is worth to remember that I am always open to job proposition in Asia, America, Australia or Middle East. You can find my CV here.

Michal Szymanski and family


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