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Sklep Rowerowy SZUMGUM - części i akcesoria rowerowe :: Sklepy Rowerowe
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ImageI’ve “discovered” Jordan in an article from „Adventure Traveler” magazine. I knew before that there is Petra ancient city, but I did not know that there are excellent places for trekking. I’ve found in article many pictures from Petra and Wadi Rum region and that is why we have chosen these two places for our trip. Before departure we had many doubts , two months earlier terrorist attacked WTC and we knew that Jordan is a Islamic country. Trip showed us that our selection was perfect. Country is very safe and very interesting. You can find there deserts, world famous monuments, friendly people and there is even chance for diving!

Image To get to Petra from Wadi Musa (eng. Moses Valley) we passed through rock labyrinth. It is interesting that Petra inhabitants developed water system, part of this system is visible on left side of picture (it looks like shelf).
Photo: Siq way to Petra

Image First building we have seen in Petra. City was founded around two thousands years ago by Nabataens. Treasury is the most remarkable Petra building.
Photo:Petra - Treasury

Image Next antique building , to be honest I do not know what is name.
Photo: Michal and old building

Image Monastery – astonishing building. Huge construction carved in rock. It is situated in mountains. What a view!
Photo: Monastery - Petra

Image Wadi Musa above , Petra below

Image Now you know who has destroyed Petra. Such column you can see one hour walk from Petra.
Photo: Ancient column and me

Image Jebel Haroun – place where Aaron , Moses brother was cremated.
Photo: Jebel Haroun

Image After that we lost our way and we had to traverse valley
Photo: Obvious path

Image After 1.5 days of march we arrived to amphitheatre
Photo: Amphitheatre

Image We crossed a pass and we lost our way second time. In our guide book we found a description “descent route is obvious”.

Image It is example of ultra narrow canyon. The biggest problem for us in canyon was to find where we are. We had no good map and our GPS could not receive signal.

Image Sunset that we have seen from our tent.

Image After visit in mountains around Petra we moved to Wadi Rum - desert with fantastic rock formation.

Image We have seen only one tree in Wadi Rum

Image Simply nice landscape

Image Only living/moving form of life in Wadi that we hve had chance to see.

Image Looking for an accommodation

Image When we chose place for our tent we could not complain of view.
Photo: Desert accommodation


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