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Sklep Rowerowy SZUMGUM - części i akcesoria rowerowe :: Sklepy Rowerowe
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Image Java - political and cultural center of Indonesia is not so often visited by tourists, but very often it is only another transfer point to Bali island. Most people do not realize that Java is a place with jungle, active volcanoes, colorful markets. People that want to sell you everything here will greet you with "Hello Mr transport Sir?".
I hope that my pictures represent what you can see or not in Java..

Image I've started my trip from Gdansk and my brother from Olsztyn (Poland) , our meeting point was Warsaw. After short flight we were in Frankfurt. Couple of hours and we had next flight this time to Jakarta. But before the flight we visited Lufthansa base so that’s why my brother is in plain cockpit. Next fourteen hours in plane and we were in Asia! We caught a bus and finaly we "landed" in small town of Lauban. It was not my first visit in Asia and I knew what we could expect but I had a feeling that it could be a little shock for my brother. Small Asian town by night is not what you can see in a colorful advertisement folder.
Photo: Marek in aircraft cocpit

Image After the night spent in hotel , we realized our "appartment" was equipped in "mandi". It is something like a bath (0.5x0.5 meter construction) but used as storage of water. However, until the end of our trip we did not discover how to properly use it. Early morning we started our travel to Tamanyaji, small village near Ujung Kulon National Park.
Photo: Port in Lauban - west cost of Java

Image I was not aware how many people can travel in one car - I counted people and appeared that almost 22 people was traveling with us (in Europe such a mini bus can transport up to 7 people). Driver and his assistant did not know meaning of word "full". Next night next place, we spent night in house of our guide . It is worth to mention that we spent FIVE hours negotiating price for guide , food and boat ...
Photo: Sunset in Tamanjaya

ImageNegotiation took so long because every hour our guide left room saying "sorry, I have to pray", additionally price calculation procedure was very complex. Even our guide did not know what are exact rules.
Photo: Rice cookies drying on the sun

Image We woke up early morning, ate Indonesian breakfast , did village sightseeing and started our trip.
Photo: Oxen feeding on dry rice field

Image We packed our equipment and we were transported by boat to Peucang Island. We spent whole day on sailing to the island.
Photo: Probably member of local yahting club

Image Near island there was a small reef and for us a chance to snorkel after having traversed the island...
Photo: Sunset at Pulau Peucang

Image Next day it wassunny but not too warm (only 25 Celcius). We were transported from the island to the penisula and we started our three days walk back.
Photo: Early morning in Pulau Peucang

Image First part from Cibunar lead us through secondary and lowland forest. Jungle was more dense than on Peucang island and the path was not obvious.
Photo: Ficus tree

Image From time to time we crossed periodic streams and roots of ficus. We have seen interesting cauliflorous fruits that grow on tree trunks or buttress roots.
Photo: Buttress roots

Image After several hours of walk we arrived to the coast on the opposite side of the peninsula. It felt wonderful,when, after several hours in jungle, we could see again big open space, and hear sound of waves braking against shore.
Photo: Shore near Cibunar

Image Type of vegetation changed rapidly. We could see different sort of plants, most typical plants on the coast were seahire screwpine and ind.butun bushes
Photo: Seahire screwpine

Image During the afternoon walk I discovered a big colony (at least millions) of crab - I think they prepared for evacuation. One by one they jumped to water and drifted to the sea. .
Photo: Crab colony

Image Late afternoon we had a strange guest - two Indonesian couples. They decided to spend night in our shelter (to be exact we slept in ruins of rangers shelter). One man had a very strange cargo – a bag made of palm, which hosted inside a live chicken. It was not a pet but part of their provisions..
Photo: Mr. and his provisions

Image Next day we walked all day long. I have stomach ache and it was very hard to admire nice landscapes but still I took pictures, of course. We passed one stream... ... ..
Photo: Crossing stream

Image …but as day followed we walked along a beach.

Image We’ve spent the evening swimming and laying on a deserted beach, and we slept again in an abandoned ranger huse.
Photo: Karang Ranjang beach


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