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Malaysia (T.Negara-Perhentian)

Image Our first visit in Asia and very special because we traveled with 1.5 years old Alicja . We did not know what we can expect, we only knew that it will be hot and quite exotic but what more? We took into account that we will travel with children and we should but in the same time we planed our trip to be attractive for older part of the team. We selected two destinations Malay jungle and tropical islands what was completely enough for two weeks vacation.

Image We visited night market in first day in Johor Bharu, where we could taste all Malaysian (but not only) dishes.
Photo: Night market in Johor Bharu and man who make murtabaks.

Image After night spent in train Singapore-Kota Bharu we arrived in the morning to Kota. First minutes in Kota and we knew it that we are not in Europe. Because north part of Malaysia is populated mainly by Muslim , women wearing >!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!> is common view.
Photo: Kota Bharu

Image Finally we arrived to our first destination - Perhentian Islands.
Photo: View from Perhetian Islands

Image ...and we knew it that we arrived to paradise.
Photo: Perhentian Islands

Image Laying on beach is not a way how we wanted to spend vacation and next day we started diving course.
Photo: Perhentian Island and we

Image What we saw underwater was remarkable. Different species of fishes and corals.. water was so clear I can say it was shock for us.
Photo: Reef near Perhentian Islands

Image It is example what you can see near beach (pictures was taken using Michal P. underwater housing)
Photo: Reef near Perhentian Islands

Image Every Malay (or at least women) paid attention to our blond child (to be honest I've never seen blond Asian)
Photo: Alicja and Malaysian family

Image View from our bungalow.
Photo: Perhetian Island

Image After couple of days on island we moved to the biggest Malaysian national park – Taman Negara. During trip we met many “original” Malay
Photo: Women in Kota Bharu - T.Negara train

Image Typical Malaysian shop. Every item in Asia must be packed in plastic bag, definitely they love plastic bags (even Pepsi is sold in plastic bags)
Photo: Railway station shop

Image We have chosen water way to get to park.
Photo: N.P Taman Negara

Image Rivers in many situation is only option to reach remote places in short time. It is popular kind of transportation among tourist and jungle people.
Photo: N.P Taman Negara

Image Image First meters in jungle and we learnt that jungle trekking is not easy walk.

Image Image N.P. Taman Negara one of the biggest national park in Malaysian Peninsula. It is refugee for 300 species of birds, innumerable species of insects and plants. It is hard to believe that so many species live in such jungle when you walk through tropical forest you are happy when you see snake or something different than leeches. Dense vegetation is an excellent hide for animals.
Photo: N.P. Taman Negara
Image Image Image Green , brown and black are only colors visible in jungle. But leaf shape diversity is amazing. Target for plants is only one - collect sun rays in most effective way..
Photo: N.P.Taman Negara

Image One of jungle inhabitant that we were lucky to see.
Photo: N.P. Taman Negara

Image After two weeks we returned to Singapore, several hours waiting for our flight in Singapore Botanical Garden...and long flight home..but after few months we were back in Singapore but is next story.


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