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Malaysia (T.Negara-Perhentian)

Image Our first visit in Asia and very special because we traveled with 1.5 years old Alicja . We did not know what we can expect, we only knew that it will be hot and quite exotic but what more? We took into account that we will travel with children and we should but in the same time we planed our trip to be attractive for older part of the team. We selected two destinations Malay jungle and tropical islands what was completely enough for two weeks vacation.


Image Java - political and cultural center of Indonesia is not so often visited by tourists, but very often it is only another transfer point to Bali island. Most people do not realize that Java is a place with jungle, active volcanoes, colorful markets. People that want to sell you everything here will greet you with "Hello Mr transport Sir?".
I hope that my pictures represent what you can see or not in Java..

ImageIdea to organize trip to South America we had since I’ve started work in Lufthansa. At the beginning we thought about Ecuador or Venezuela but instable political situation and threat of tropical diseases cause we chose country less exotic but definitely more safe for travelers.
Glimpse on geographical atlas gives us idea what we can expect. Chile is 4 thousand kilometers long and 350 wide. There are several climate zones (from place where human never record of rain to places where raining everyday), huge diversity of animal and plant life. For sure everyone finds something interesting.
ImageI’ve “discovered” Jordan in an article from „Adventure Traveler” magazine. I knew before that there is Petra ancient city, but I did not know that there are excellent places for trekking. I’ve found in article many pictures from Petra and Wadi Rum region and that is why we have chosen these two places for our trip. Before departure we had many doubts , two months earlier terrorist attacked WTC and we knew that Jordan is a Islamic country. Trip showed us that our selection was perfect. Country is very safe and very interesting. You can find there deserts, world famous monuments, friendly people and there is even chance for diving!

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